ICTV's ActiveVideo programming and P:Mosaic navigational mosaic are being deployed to an initial base of Texas subscribers.

Grande Communications Networks Inc., a broadband service provider in the state, is the first cable operator to launch ActiveVideo programming, through its GrandeVision service. The initial launch will be in San Marcos.

ActiveVideo composites linear and on-demand programming with broadband content in the network into personalized MPEG video streams, the company said.

Network operators, programmers and advertisers can create content once for delivery via the ActiveVideo Distribution Network (AVDN) to any cable or IPTV set-top box, regardless of hardware, middleware and guide differences. Viewers can then navigate through, and interact with, individual elements of the stream using their remotes.

P:Mosaic allows subs to build personalized menus from available channels according to individual preferences, manage preferences from Web-connected devices, view and preview TV channels simultaneously, and interact with targeted, auditable and actionable advertising, the company said.

"The ability to bring 'clickable' video directly to the television creates the opportunity for an entirely new way for network operators, programmers and advertisers to engage viewers," said Jeff Miller, president and CEO of ICTV.

ICTV is demonstrating ActiveVideo at The Cable Show this week.