Symmetricom Inc. said it has started to receive initial orders from cable operators for its TimeCreator 1000, a key component of the emerging modular-CMTS architecture.

Those orders, said company President & CEO Tom Steipp during an earnings call Thursday, are being tagged for lab testing of new M-CMTS gear.

"We took some orders, but it was sub-$100,000. We're really just hand-building product for test labs right now," company CFO Bill Slater added.

The company officially released its DOCSIS Timing Interface (DTI) server for commercial availability last month, and announced ARRIS as one of the first CMTS vendors to implement it.

Last August, CableLabs qualified Symmetricom's TimeCreator 1000, a 1-RU device that synchronizes the clocks of the M-CMTS core, EdgeQAM and upstream to "nanosecond levels."

On the financial front, Symmetricom posted record fiscal Q2 revenues of $54.6 million, up 14 percent from a year ago. That aided net earnings of $3.6 million (8 cents per share), up from $2.7 million (6 cents per share) in the year-ago period.

Symmetricom's Timing, Test & Measurement unit, meanwhile, had Q2 revenue of $19 million, up 9.3 percent ($1.6 million) versus a year ago.