Time Warner Cable said it is offering interactive services to OCAP-compliant HDTVs and set-tops from Samsung in the MSO's New York City systems.

Time Warner said it expects to expand the capability to other properties, including its Milwaukee, Wis. system, as well as cable systems operated by Bright House Networks.

In NYC, Time Warner is piping services to Samsung's HL-S5686C DLP HDTV and the company's SMT-H3050, a digital set-top with HD capabilities. Both models are equipped with the OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP), a middleware specified by CableLabs.

Those TVs and set-tops house Time Warner Cable's new OCAP Digital Navigator and an interactive program guide that the MSO developed in-house.

Some of this work stems from an earlier announced memorandum of understanding whereby Samsung agreed to jointly write specs for OCAP-compliant TVs and to support remote downloads of the operator's navigator product.

"This underlines our commitment to fully deploy OCAP on all of our systems and confirms our growing relationship with Samsung, a leader in consumer electronics," said Time Warner Cable President & CEO Glenn Britt, in a statement. "OCAP will foster the national launch of interactive applications, and these Samsung products will enable consumers to enjoy the full range of interactive services with or without a set-top box."

Time Warner made the announcement in concert with the launch of its "Home to the Future" exhibit at the Time Warner Center in New York City's Columbus Circle. The exhibit will be open to the public through Feb. 6, 2007.