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Global Insight
January 12, 2007
By Jing Li
From Lexis Nexis

NTT East said yesterday that the number of subscribers to its B Flet's fibre-optic broadband services topped three million on Wednesday (10 January), the Jiji news agency reports. The regional fixed-line unit of the NTT group attributed the strong subscriber increase to its offering of IP telephone and video distribution services.

Significance: NTT East's fibre-optic broadband service reached the new milestone only eight months after achieving its two-millionth subscriber. In December 2006, the number of users of its B Flet's service exceeded that of customers using its ADSL services, a direct result of its focus on fibre-optic communications as its core broadband services.

Users of its fibre-optic broadband service are also rapidly increasing at NTT West, the other regional carrier of the NTT group. As of Wednesday, NTT West had a total of 2.4 million subscribers to its fibre-optic services. The NTT group aims to shift 30 million customers to optical fibre access and next-generation network services by 2010.

As part of this plan, the incumbent's regional units aim to double their combined number of fibre-optic subscribers to 6 million by end-March 2007, or to about 10% of the total number of subscribers for their fixed-line services.