Next Generation Broadband (NGB) is aiming to do for VoIP what it has already done with high-speed cable modem services - ease and automate customer service hookups and lower installation costs.

The company's new VoIP Install System is designed to help cable operators automate the service activation process and other management tasks associated with adding a new voice customer.

Using NGB's SmartBridge technology, the VoIP Install system automatically recognizes a new multimedia terminal adapter (MTA) on the network, allows the customer to select calling plans and features, and starts the number porting process, when required, via a Web-based interface. That same application can also walk the customer through the purchasing process.

The platform also features a technician login, and onsite network diagnostic and service verification tools.

"By providing an automated, scalable solution, operators can preserve their margins and reduce install costs for voice customers by more than 20 percent, if used by their technicians, and by more than 80 percent if the customer self-installs," said NGB Executive Vice President Tiffany Norwood.

In addition to installation systems for traditional cable modem and VoIP services, NGB also markets other services such as pay-as-you-go broadband and an abuse management system.

NGB has yet to announce any trials or deployments for VoIP Install, but a company spokesman said the company is already in discussions with top operators.