Insight Communications recorded Q2 revenues of $311.7 million, up 12 percent year-over-year, thanks in part to advanced service customer gains.

Insight ended the quarter with 2.51 million revenue generating units (RGUs), up 15 percent from a year earlier.

The MSO recorded a net gain of 19,700 high-speed Internet subs, down from 23,500. Insight had 534,500 high-speed customers at the end of Q2, a 22 percent penetration of all homes passed with the service.

Insight added 11,700 digital customers, giving it 572,200, and a penetration rate of 46 percent among digital homes passed.

The MSO also added 7,500 telephony customers, extending its total to 107,200.

Insight also slowed down basic customer losses. In Q2, the company lost 4,300 basic subs, versus a loss of 14,200 basic subs. Insight has historically seen a decline in Q2 basic subs as college students leave communities served by the MSO.

"Our double-digit revenue growth and record second quarter RGU growth are a reflection of the successful investments we've been making in our sales, marketing and growth capabilities," said Insight CEO Michael Willner, in a statement.