Other news and notes from this week's Globalcomm show in Chicago:

- Juniper Networks has secured a deal to provide network, services and applications security for the Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform. Under the deal, Microsoft will tap the Juniper Firewall and Firewall IDP (Intrusion Detection and Prevention), which will help to protect against malicious traffic and attacks ranging from worms, to trojans, spyware and application layer threats.

- Ciena Corp. has added Dynamic Wavelength Routing capabilities to its CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services Platform. The company claims it marks the first to use a hybrid electrical and optical ROADM design to combine whole and sub-wavelength switching in one platform. Thanks to electrical grooming of services onto each wavelength, the platform brings the benefits of reconfigurable optical technology to any service rate down to 155 Mbps, the company said.

- Sandvine Inc. has launched the PTS 14000, a system that enables a per-subscriber, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)-based policy platform for broadband networks that are migrating to 10-Gig connectivity.

- ViewNow, the VOD content aggregation arm of Kasenna Inc., said it has added seven more affiliates: Arkwest of Arkansas; Comspan Bandon of Oregon; the City of Burlington, Vt.; KPU Telecommunications of Alaska; Pineland Telephone of Georgia; Valley Telecom of Arizona; and Wood County Telephone of Wisconsin. In addition to on-demand programming, those ViewNow customers will also have access to "ViewTrack," a system that monitors and measures anonymous VOD viewing habits and other viewership data.

- Broadcom Corp. has unveiled an ADSL2 gateway chip for customer premise equipment. Broadcom, which will target the BCM6358 chip to OEMs, said the platform supports up to four lines of VoIP, draft 802.11n support, USB 2.0, mass storage devices and multi-mode ADSL2+/VDSL2 services.

- Amino Communications has released the AmiNET131, its latest IP-based, HD set-top box to support the H.264/AVC codec. Viewed as a home entertainment network hub, the new box features an LCD display and the ability to hook into coax, phoneline, powerline and wireless networks. The company expects to begin volume shipments of the new device in Q3.

- Utilicom and CableMatrix have teamed on a system designed to enable QoS for systems based on the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) infrastructure. The joint solution features a SIP proxy server based on Utilicom's Signalware and Diameter software, and CableMatrix's On Demand Service Platform (ODSP) policy server.

- Cisco Systems Corp. has added the Intelligent Services Gateway (ISG) feature set for its 10000 Series, 7200 Series and 7301 model routers. Cisco said the addition will simplify and speed the delivery of advanced IP services over the company's IP Next-Generation Networks (IP NGNs). Cisco noted that ISG has been designed to support both IMS and non-IMS-based apps.

- Tropic Networks has unveiled an IP over DWDM strategy at the show, noting that operators need to handle the added complexity of high bandwidth video delivery over networks traditionally developed for voice and data services. The company said its strategy allows third-party transponders to be launched from the switch/router into the DWDM layer alongside the optical management and power control served up by the company's Wavelength Tracker system.