Asia Pulse
From Lexis Nexis

Japan's Sharp Corp. will begin selling toward the end of May a liquid crystal television-computer combo that enables users to access the Internet and view broadband programs through simple remote control functions.

The Internet Aquos has a high-capacity hard-disk drive that makes it possible to save high-definition broadcasts and music data downloaded from the Internet.

Users can go online with just a push of a button on the remote as well as view Internet sites and broadband programming on a high-quality liquid crystal screen. The remote control can also be used to search the Net for information related to television broadcasts.

The Internet Aquos has a 500-gigabyte hard drive installed in its computer portion, allowing a maximum of 43 hours of terrestrial digital broadcasts to be recorded.

The firm will offer four models, with a 37-inch set featuring high-definition recording capabilities priced at around 550,000 yen (US$4,677.5). It will aim to sell 300,000 of the sets in its first year of marketing.