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March 29, 2006 Wednesday 2:02 PM GMT
From Lexis Nexis

Qualcomm Inc., the San Diego provider of digital wireless-communications products and services, filed its third intellectual-property-infringement case against Broadcom Corp., the Irvine, Calif., producer of semiconductors for use in wired and wireless broadband communications.

All three actions were filed in federal court in San Diego. According to a Qualcomm statement, the latest complaint charges Broadcom misappropriated trade secrets relating to Qualcomm's WCDMA baseband integrated-circuit products and their multimedia capabilities; used the secrets to compete unfairly with Qualcomm in selling WCDMA chipsets; and infringed a Qualcomm patent.

The complaint seeks to bar Broadcom from using Qualcomm's intellectual property, and it asks for monetary damages, Qualcomm said.

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