ADB Group all but cemented a top position in the OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) arena after signing a deal to acquire Broomfield, Colo.-based Vidiom Systems.

ADB Group is not new to the sector. Its Osmosys division develops OCAP implementations and applications, and is also heavily involved in DVB-MHP, the spec upon which OCAP is largely based. Although several TV manufacturers are creating their own OCAP stacks, Vidiom and Osmosys are among the few to create licensable versions.

Vidiom, however, is directly linked to OCAP Development LLC, a joint venture of Comcast Cable and Time Warner Cable.

Last May, Vidiom formally announced a licensing deal with the J.V., gaining the right to license its OCAP implementation to other operators, silicon vendors and consumer electronics companies.

Geneva, Switzerland-based ADB called the deal a "strategic acquisition," noting that Vidiom would strengthen its presence in the U.S. market and build opportunities for other ADB products. ADB also markets a wide range of digital set-top boxes.

It's expected that ADB will retain the Vidiom brand, and its existing operations, and that Vidiom will continue to be headed up by President & CEO Timothy Wahlers.

"We believe that Vidiom's vast experience and excellent reputation in the OCAP-based products and markets create perfect synergy with our existing MHP-related business," said ADB Group Chairman & CEO Andrew Rybicki.

Once the deal is closed, it's expected that ADB will retain Vidiom's 100-plus employees.