CableLabs awarded PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) qualification to three products following testing wave 40.

Getting the nod: a policy server from Juniper Networks, and cable modem termination systems (CMTSs) from BigBand Networks (the Cuda 12000) and Cisco Systems (the uBR7246 VXR).

They join a handful of others. Policy server vendors that won PCMM qualification following wave 34 included CableMatrix, Camiant, C-COR Inc., Tazz Networks, and Telcordia. Motorola also obtained PCMM qualification for its BSR 64000 CMTS in wave 34.

The PCMM architecture, which also includes application managers, is designed to inject QoS into a wide range of IP-based applications, including video, voice and gaming.

In wave 40, CableLabs also stamped PacketCable 1.0 qualification on the Siemens hiG 12000 media gateway, PacketCable 1.5 certification on the Terayon Communication Systems TJ955 embedded multimedia terminal adapter (eMTA), and PacketCable 1.0 certification on Asustek's ACM6149 eMTA model.

Modems from Electroline, AM Communications, and Scientific-Atlanta also came out of the wave with DOCSIS 2.0 certification.

Looking ahead, results from wave 41 are expected by mid-to-late March 2006.