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July 26, 2005

By Adrian Baschnonga

From Lexis Nexis

Motorola has announced the expansion of its strategic focus on comprehensive WiMAX solutions as it positions itself for growing demand for fixed and mobile broadband solutions. The initiative includes a combination of increased research and development (R&D), resources and technology relationships, as well as the introduction of the Moto Wi4 product portfolio.

General Manager of Motorola wireless broadband networks Dan Coombes commented that "Motorola has aligned our Networks business to support a company-wide initiative to develop WiMAX and other mobile broadband wireless solutions." As such, Motorola will build upon its highly successful Canopy wireless broadband business and leverage its expertise in underlying network technologies: orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM); IP inter-networking; all-IP based, flat carrier access point (CAP) architecture; and IP-enabled handsets. This is in order to develop fixed, nomadic and mobile solutions that will be suited to meet the various needs of Motorola's customers in its consumer, enterprise and government markets.

Significance: Motorola's increased focus on 802.16e technology provides a significant boost to the standard. The Moto Wi4 portfolio of WiMAX solutions includes both a "light infrastructure" solution for rural areas and developing markets -- which offers low cost of deployment and ownership -- and a carrier-class solution.

Meanwhile, the firm's CAP architecture helps eliminate several hardware elements from the radio access network. The infrastructure vendor recently announced that it was working with number-three U.S. mobile operator Sprint in WiMAX 802.16e technology-testing and equipment trials.

The vendor plans to make WiMAX-based products available in the second quarter of 2006.