A slew of policy servers, a key component of the PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) specification, emerged from CableLabs with passing grades following certification wave 34.

CableLabs had posted (PDF) results from wave 34 on the Web for about a week before formally announcing them Thursday morning.

Vendors to receive the PCMM qualification nod from CableLabs included CableMatrix, Camiant, C-COR Inc., Tazz Networks, and Telcordia. Motorola Inc. also received PCMM qualification for functionality within its flagship BSR 64000 cable modem termination system (CMTS).

PCMM injects quality of service (QoS) into a range of IP-based services and applications, including voice, video and gaming. Other primary components of the PCMM architecture include the application manager and record keeping server.

It is unusual to see so many vendors obtain passing grades from CableLabs the first time through the official testing process.

"Having multiple equipment manufacturers achieve CableLabs certification/qualification is an important step toward system interoperability," said CableLabs VP of Advanced Network Services Ed Miller, in a release. "PacketCable is evolving into a true multi-service delivery platform for the cable industry."

In the wave, CableLabs also awarded certification to six PacketCable 1.0 embedded multimedia terminal adapters from Ambit, Linksys (two models), Netgear, Terayon Communication Systems, and Thomson.

On the PacketCable front, Sonus Networks was awarded 1.0 qualification for its AXS call management server. CableLabs also meted PacketCable 1.0 qualification to the Nuera Communications BTX-4K media gateway, and 1.1 qualification to the Cisco Systems MGX8880 media gateway.

The BigBand Networks Cuda 12000 CMTS, meanwhile, obtained the CableLabs stamp for DOCSIS 2.0.

ARRIS also received an early DOCSIS 2.0 "paper change" certification in wave 35 for the Touchstone Telephony Modem 402P. Paper changes, which can apply to something as simple as a color alteration of a device's plastic shell, are not as intensive as full-fledged testing and occasionally obtain the CableLabs stamp ahead of the scheduled end of a testing wave. In the case of the 402P that was certified in wave 35, ARRIS submitted an iteration that houses two battery bays. Earlier certified versions of the 402P model contained just one battery bay.