Terayon Communication Systems has introduced a wireless home networking module that snaps onto the vendor's line of TJ700x DOCSIS cable modems.

Terayon said the Wx-54G module lets operators deploy home networking capabilities to cable modem customers without incurring networking equipment costs across the entire deployed based of cable modem customers. The Wx-54G only works with the Terayon TJ700x series, however.

Although vendors have migrated to cable modems with integrated home networking capabilities, there are millions of stand-alone cable modems in the field, noted Joe Benigno, vice president and general manager of Terayon's home content access solutions division.

He estimates that Terayon has 3 million 700-series modems installed. U.S. MSOs that use Terayon 700-series modems include Adelphia Communications, Comcast Cable, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable.

Cable modem gateways are "taking up the slack" where stand-alone cable modem shipments are declining, but Terayon wanted to introduce a product that would work on the installed base, he noted.

Among its features, the Wx-54G supports 802.11g, and an Ethernet port, and can enhance the device's wireless footprint via a three-foot extension antenna.

Terayon did not release specific pricing on the module, but the module costs more than a stand-alone modem.

Terayon is also looking at the possibility of creating modules that support HomePlug, a home networking technology that uses existing power lines. About a year-and-a-half ago, Terayon considered a VoIP module, but found the idea to be cost-prohibitive.

Terayon also has an integrated cable modem gateway on its product roadmap, Benigno said.