Bresnan Communications said it will use the Cedar Point Communications softswitch platform to power a rollout of IP telephony services in Grand Junction, a town located on the far western side of Colorado.

There, Bresnan will offer VoIP via Cedar Point's SAFARI C3 Media Switching System, a PacketCable-qualified platform that centralizes the architecture by combining several network elements - including the call management server, record keeping server and media gateway - in one device.

Bresnan, which has tapped Net2Phone as its primary VoIP integration and server partner, expects to launch telephony services sometime in the first quarter.

"The simplicity, cost-effectiveness and scalability of SAFARI C3 will enable us to deliver high-quality, highly-reliable services that will help us attract and retain customers," said Bresnan Senior Vice President of Advanced Services Leonard Higgins, in a release.

Bresnan marks the latest win for Cedar Point, which gained plenty of momentum last October when Comcast Cable named it as a "primary" VoIP vendor.

Comcast has yet to publicly announce other softswitch vendors, but it's widely known that the MSO will use softswitches from Cisco Systems to fuel VoIP systems that take a more distributed PacketCable network approach. Nortel Networks is said to be in the running for some VoIP business from Comcast, as well.

On Monday, Comcast announced plans to rollout VoIP to 15 million homes in 20 markets this year, and to deploy it to the balance of its systems sometime in 2006.