emuse technologies has launched an interactive television tool designed to create applications that comply with the CableLabs-specified OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) middleware.

The tool, dubbed Modelstream, is aimed at content developers and advertisers interested in creating iTV applications and services. In addition to OCAP, Modelstream is designed to create iTV applications for multiple middleware types simultaneously.

emuse created the OCAP extension in partnership with Osmosys, an OCAP developer based in Geneva.

emuse is far from alone in this sector. GoldPocket Interactive and Ensequence also market a set of iTV publishing tools for various cable and DBS middleware platforms.

For Dublin-based emuse, OCAP will play a key role in its U.S. iTV strategy.

"As we continue to evolve the Modelstream suite of products for the U.S. market, the decision to release an OCAP compatible version of Modelstream Generate is a natural extension of our existing MHP capabilities, said emuse CEO Patrick Rainsford, in a release.

The bulk of OCAP uses components found in the MHP platform, which has grown popular in regions such as Europe.