Terayon Communication Systems Inc. didn't let the summer go by without finding a replacement for outgoing CEO Zaki Rakib. Terayon named Jerry Chase to the post in July, though his tenure doesn't go into effect until Sept. 8.

Chase, 44, most recently served as chairman and CEO of Thales Broadcast & Multimedia (TBM).

But he does have a long history with cable. Before joining TBM, Chase served as general manager and vice president of sales and program management at General Instrument (now part of Motorola Broadband), and vice president of systems engineering and program management at Scientific-Atlanta.

Rakib noted that he hopes to eliminate much of his day-to-day activity at Terayon after Chase takes the reins.

"I feel very good about being the only one that survived as an independent company in this space," Rakib said, reflecting on Terayon's history and seeing his company live on while startups like Com21 fell to the wayside.

He acknowledged, however, that now was the right time for some "new blood" at Terayon, as the company moves well past the growth and survival phases, and into an area of stability led by its line of broadband data and video products.

But how difficult is it to remove oneself from the day-to-day activities at a company one founded?

"It's a very tough sensation. You never prepare for [that day]," Rakib said. Easing the transition, he added, is knowing that he'll have much more time to spend with his two sons, who have been living in Israel for the last four years.