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Long Island Business News (Long Island, NY)

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Following in the footsteps of Cablevision, Gotham's cable provider, Time Warner Cable, has lowered its Internet service price to compete with Verizon DSL.

Time Warner's ads on New York City radio stations tout its Road Runner online service for $29.95 for the first six months if customers install the product themselves. One of the biggest drawbacks regarding cable modems has been its price. It's generally been far more expensive than DSL.

Only last month, Cablevision lowered the price of Optimum Online as part of a package deal that includes its phone and digital cable packages.

Verizon's not taking either cable company lightly. Its television ads take a shot at Time Warner, posting the normal $44.95 online price of the cable provider, comparing it to the cheaper Verizon DSL rates. Similar Verizon ads take shots at Cablevision.