The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) board of directors on Tuesday afternoon re-elected Wayne Hall as the Society's chairman. Hall, who serves as vice president of engineering for Comcast Cable, was first elected to the post at this time last year.

The SCTE board also named Society members to the following posts: Terry Cordova of Cequel III to western vice chairman; Gene White of Bright House Networks to eastern vice chairman; Sally Kinsman of Aurora Networks to treasurer; Vicki Marts of Cox Communications to secretary; and Yvette Gordon-Kanouff of SeaChange International to additional executive committee member.

Hall said his first year as SCTE chairman saw several key efforts for SCTE come on line, including creation of the Infoscope resource search engine added to the SCTE Web portal, a partnership agreement with NCTI, and a strong Expo show in San Antonio.

"The organization remains financially sound, and considering the times, that is significant," Hall says.

For 2004, Hall says membership growth will be a major driver for the organization. That effort will focus on bringing in the chapter leaders and giving them training in SCTE organizational guidelines and activities.

"As we have had a couple of people depart, we were looking for people to enhance the membership growth and chapter growth," Hall noted. Led by Mark John, newly- appointed SCTE vice president of membership services, "there's going to be a real focus this year on chapter leadership support."

SCTE's recent outreach to its Latin American members and the addition of Canadian membership also promise to grow the organization's ranks. Hall noted Operación Español, offering resources and training in Spanish, is well underway, with several sessions at the Expo this year conducted in Spanish.

2004 also will see development of the training partnership recently inked with NCTI, and the goal there will be to make sure the process is smoothly implemented, Hall says.

On the technology side, Hall said he also wants to "get us farther out on developments in broadband." That includes finding and including technology topics most critical to cable technology planners now.

Also on the drawing board for 2004 is the possible creation of an SCTE Foundation, a non-profit arm that would use tax-deductible donations from members to fuel the technology educational goals of the organization. Those could range from sponsored college programs to software training for members and youth scholarships.

"The truth is we still have to do some research on that - the staff has done the due diligence - but I think that will be a key effort going forward," Hall says.