CableLabs formally announced its intention to phase out YAS Broadband Ventures LLC as a consultant, and named the team that will head up a transition slated for completion by year-end 2003.

CableLabs has named three individuals to lead the transition team: YAS CEO Rouzbeh Yassini, CableLabs Vice President and Chief Software Architect Ralph Brown, and CableLabs COO Chris Lammers.

CableLabs said the transition plan will include staff hiring and development in the second quarter, followed by training and plan implementation in the third quarter and completion in the final quarter of the year. The transition of some CableLabs Broadband Access program management duties is already underway, CableLabs noted.

The Louisville, Colo.-based R&D house said the transition would not affect the current 2003 certification schedule, which calls for three full certification waves. The last of these testing periods, certification wave 27, is scheduled to end November 7.

Under the direction of Yassini, YAS has played a significant role in several high-profile CableLabs initiatives, including DOCSIS, CableHome and PacketCable.

DOCSIS, which opened the door to a retail model for cable modems, has led to the certification of more than 300 cable modems. With the completion of certification wave 24 late last year, CableLabs reached a key milestone with the simultaneous certification and qualification of gear based on CableHome, DOCSIS and PacketCable specifications.

"Without the YAS team, our efforts would have taken longer to achieve the multi-billion dollar market our members now enjoy for new services," CableLabs President and CEO Dr. Richard Green said, in a press release.

"Transitioning our responsibilities to CableLabs' staff has been the plan from the beginning," Yassini said, in a statement. "A good consultancy will work itself out of a project management role because it will establish good business processes and procedures and ultimately hand those off to full-time staff."