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The Houston Chronicle...02/20/2003

New York — After a dismal consumer response, America Online has stopped selling its interactive television product, AOLTV.

AOL will continue to support customers who use the product, which allows users to surf the online service and send e-mail from their televisions, spokeswoman Anne Bentley said.

She would not say how many subscribers the service had.

Bentley said AOL had shifted its interactive television development into AOL Broadband, which lets high-speed AOL subscribers watch video and other high-bandwidth content that accompanies current television shows.

AOL Time Warner has been looking to drop money-losing ventures to help deal with declines in ad revenues, its massive debt load, a sagging stock price and a shrinking user base at the America Online division.

All the while, the company is undergoing a management shake-up that has seen nearly all the top executives from the America Online side depart, including AOL co-founder Steve Case as chairman of the AOL Time Warner board.