The cable industry reached a significant milestone following the completion of certification wave 24, as CableLabs handed out its first passing grades for DOCSIS 2.0, PacketCable 1.0 and CableHome 1.0.

On the DOCSIS 2.0 front, CableLabs certified modems or reference designs from Motorola Broadband, Scientific-Atlanta, Texas Instruments, Terayon Communication Systems and Xrosstech. Also significant was the fact that the group is comprised of models that use silicon from three different chipmakers (see chart).

Terayon also proved to be the big winner on the CMTS side of the fence, as CableLabs awarded 2.0 qualification to its BW3500. The end of CW 24 made Terayon the only vendor to have both a cable modem and a CMTS okayed for DOCSIS 2.0.

CableLabs for the first time also certified equipment based on PacketCable and CableHome specifications.

On the PacketCable 1.0 front, CableLabs stamped approval on multimedia terminal adapters (MTAs) built by Arris and Toshiba, and CMTSs from Cisco Systems and Terayon Communication Systems.

The PacketCable infrastructure, built on top of the QoS-sensitive DOCSIS 1.1 specification, will lay the foundation for a variety of packet-based services, including IP telephony. CableLabs said it tested MTAs and CMTSs for interoperability with several other components, including call management servers, which will make up the PacketCable network.

Completing a milestone certification wave, CableLabs also gave its first passing grades to equipment based on CableHome 1.0. Cable modem gateways from Linksys Group Inc. and NetGear–the only vendors to submit products for official CableHome testing during the wave–made the cut.

In the case of Linksys, the vendor will give MSOs an opportunity to market its gateway to consumers before offering the model via retail channels. It's expected that at least two MSOs will announce gateway deals with Linksys by February. Linksys estimates that the cable gateway, which features integrated DOCSIS 1.1 and HomePNA and USB ports, will initially be offered for about $179.99.

Making the grade
Below is a list of the first vendors and products to win certification or qualification for DOCSIS 2.0, PacketCable 1.0 and CableHome 1.0, following completion of certification wave 24.
CPE vendorModelCertified forSilicon provider
Motorola Broadband SURFboard SB5100DOCSIS 2.0 Broadcom
Scientific-Atlanta DPX2100DOCSIS 2.0 Broadcom
Texas InstrumentsTNETC4401 reference design DOCSIS 2.0Texas Instruments
TerayonTJ715DOCSIS 2.0Imedia Semiconductor
XrosstechXCM3800DOCSIS 2.0 Broadcom
ArrisTouchstone Telephony Modem 202DPacketCable 1.0 + DOCSIS 1.1Texas Instruments
ToshibaPCX3000PacketCable 1.0 + DOCSIS 1.1Texas Instruments
LinksysLinksys Cable GatewayCableHome 1.0 + DOCSIS 1.1Broadcom
NetGearCG814MCableHome 1.0 + DOCSIS 1.1Broadcom
CMTS vendorModelQualified forSilicon provider
TerayonBW3500 DOCSIS 2.0 & PacketCable 1.0Imedia Semiconductor
Cisco SystemsuBR7246 VXRPacketCable 1.0Broadcom