Knology, an overbuilder that operates broadband networks in the Southeastern U.S., will deploy BigBand Networks Inc.'s flagship Broadband Multimedia-Service Router (BMR) in all of its systems.

Knology is using the BMR to consolidate control of its systems in one centralized location and via a single management interface. Presently, the overbuilder is using the BMR to control the routing and processing of live digital broadcast programming. Down the road, Knology might use the gear to support advanced services such as video-on-demand and high-definition television.

Knology presently operates systems in Augusta and Columbus, Ga.; Huntsville and Montgomery, Ala.; Panama City, Fla.; Knoxville, Tenn.; and Charleston, S.C.

The deployment "gives us the ability to do much more than digital video grooming and provides a software upgrade path to other revenue generating services such as VOD and HDTV, said Knology chief technology officer Richard Luke.

Knology, a proponent of bundled voice, data and video services, launched VOD in Columbus in September 2002. Despite that forward-thinking move, the company, like other competitive broadband carriers, has been hit with some hard financial times.

In late October, a Georgia U.S. bankruptcy court confirmed West Point, Ga.-based Knology's pre-packaged bankruptcy petition without modification. Knology filed the petition in mid-September.

Knology marks the first overbuilder to use BigBand's gear. Several top MSOs-including Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Mediacom Communications and Rogers Cable—have deployed the BMR for a variety of applications.