Verizon is trying to take the worry and hassle of network monitoring and management away from its large enterprise customers with a new service, dubbed IPT Watch.

IPT Watch is a remote management service designed to monitor all IP telephony hardware and software as well as voice traffic traveling over a customer's network. Verizon is using Cisco Systems' Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data (AVVID) to help power the service.

Verizon offers three levels of service packages, including device management, fault monitoring and performance monitoring.

Device management is the basic IPT Watch service designed to manage the Cisco CallManager and Cisco Utility voice mail software. The CallManager extends enterprise telephony features to packet telephony network devices.

The second level of service, fault monitoring, incorporates the services of the basic service plus adds the monitoring of quality of service standards established for voice traffic flowing over a converged network.

The highest and most comprehensive of service packages — the performance monitoring package — includes reporting on the performance of the IP network. The package also incorporates the services of the lower-tiered services.

Customers will pay a monthly fee for the service. Pricing is customized for each large enterprise customer, which based on a number of factors, including other services purchased, according to a Verizon spokeswoman. Verizon believes IPT Watch alleviates the need for its customers to hire their own IP telephony technicians.

Concordia University is one of Verizon's first IPT Watch customers. The service gives someone else the responsibility of worrying about the technology Concordia uses, enabling the University to concentrate on its educational duties, says Brian Heinemann, dean of IT at Concordia

Verizon and Cisco have developed a Web-based seminar to give customers the skinny on IPT Watch. The free seminar can be accessed at