Three more regional ISPs have signed up to offer their competing broadband service over Time Warner Cable systems in select markets.

Athenet has launched its ACES high-speed cable access service in Green Bay, Wis. The service is available to the 150,000 customers in this TWC division. Later this month, Athenet will make its service available to the 418,000 customers in Milwaukee.

Customers in TWC's Lincoln, Neb. division now have the added choice of subscribing to high-speed Internet access from Internet Nebraska. The service is available to 110,000 customers in Lincoln, York, Columbus, Fremont, Nebraska City, Fairbury, Seward and the surrounding communities.

Kansas City's largest locally owned ISP, PlanetKC/Web One, has made its broadband service available to 314,000 people in Kansas City, Kans., Kansas City, Mo. and 52 suburban communities.

"Time Warner Cable continues to lead the industry in terms of making multiple ISPs available to its customers," said Glenn Britt, chairman and CEO, in a release. "Customers want choice and we are providing the kind of choice in broadband services that we have long provided in video networks. Moreover, the introduction of multiple ISPs, like the introduction of multiple premium TV channels 30 years ago, has provided a boost to this entire business."

As mandated by federal regulators when they approved the merger between AOL and Time Warner last year, AOL has been working to open up its cable systems to competitors. EarthLink was the first ISP to offer its high-speed Internet access over TWC's cable systems.

On a national basis, Road Runner, AOL and EarthLink offer this cable modem services over TWC systems. At the regional level, various ISPs have rolled out services in select TWC markets, including, Internet Junction Corp., New York Connect.Net Ltd., South Texas Internet Connections Inc., LocalNet and Western Central Ohio Internet Link Express.