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Electronics Weekly…06/26/2002

From LexisNexis

Mobile operator mmO2 has published trial prices for its 3G mobile phone service being run on the Isle of Man by subsidiary Manx Telecom.

The charges are based on a monthly subscription which includes a data allowance.

Any data in excess of the allowance will be charged for.

Typically, a residential customer will be charged around $67 (44 pounds) per month. Business customers can expect to pay just over $122 (80 pounds) per month and SMEs $92 (60 pounds) to $107 (70 pounds). Customers who only access Manx Telecom's 3G WAP portal are likely to spend around (pound)9 per month.

"The aim of the 3G trial is to find out what customers want and how much they are willing to pay for the various services," said Mark Briers, director of 3G, mmO2.

The network went live last year and was the first 3G network to be launched in Europe.