Liberate Technologies and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. have joined forces to deliver interactive television programming over DSL networks via a new digital set-top box.

The SMT-F240, which is based on Liberate's TV Navigator 4.0 software, supports MPEG over IP-based delivery of interactive video programs. The set-top supports MPEG 2, but can be upgraded to support MPEG 4. The box incorporates National Semiconductor's x86-based Geode CPU running at 266 megahertz and uses the Linux operating system.

The Liberate/Samsung box offers video-on-demand, interactive games, bilingual news tickers and a music eTV application, which combines a video jukebox with virtual television channels that deliver on-demand music content.

Samsung will begin offering the SMT-F240 to network operator customers later this year.

Separately, Liberate has teamed with ESPN to offer an interactive sports programming package to cable operators. Initially, the companies will produce "ESPN Today Plus VOD," "ESPN Extra," and synchronous programming.

"ESPN Today Plus VOD" is designed to enable sports fans to participate in the game with data feeds from ESPN and links to commerce and advertising options. It will be integrated with the Liberate VOD Hub product.

"ESPN Extra" is a 24/7 sports channel that delivers real-time sports information updates, including scores, headlines, news stories and stats.

The synchronous programming option will give views stats related to the ESPN programming on the screen.