The announcement's a bit late, but AOL's Time Warner Cable in November started inserting commercials in its Milwaukee headends, using nCUBE's digital program insertion technology. The announcement is nCUBE's second this month on its DPI system.

nCUBE isn't releasing financial terms of the deal, spokesman Mike Krilich says.

TWC is presently inserting advertising at four headends in the Milwaukee area, averaging nearly 40 analog insertion channels per location, and digital commercials on four DPI channels.

Channels include CNNSI, Country Music Television, and the Outdoor and Speed channels.

The company's DPI technology allows TWC to use the same server and MPEG-2 video file for analog and digital insertions, it says. It's designed to let operators expand and insert commercials in up to 40 analog and 40 digital channels from the same server, nCUBE says.

Earlier this month, nCUBE announced a similar deployment in Los Angeles.

The company says the deal calls for TWC to expand its DPI channel insertions to at least six networks in two zones from the same platform already delivering the 40 analog channels in each zone.

Krilich says nCUBE is working on other such deals but is not announcing them yet.