Terayon Communication Systems Inc. landed contracts with two Canadian cable operators for its DOCSIS 1.0-certified cable data system. Financial terms were undisclosed.

Brooks Bay Cable of Port Alice, and Sunshine Communications of Grand Forks, both in British Columbia, began deployments of Terayon's BE 2000 and DOCSIS cable modems in September, says Terayon spokesman John Giddings.

"Brooks Bay Cable is deploying in the city of Port Alice, British Columbia (and) Sunshine Communications is deploying in the communities of Grand Forks, Christina Lake, Midway and Greenwood," he says.

While the company wouldn't disclose the size of the deals, "These are long-term, ongoing contracts with Terayon serving as the sole supplier of modems and CMTSs," Giddings says.

Sunshine has about 3,000 subscribers and Brooks Bay has about 1,000.

The BE 2000 is a second-generation broadband access system that combines a CMTS with an IP switch/router for high-speed Internet access and other broadband services, including VoIP, streaming media and VPNs. The system is qualified for DOCSIS 1.0 and Euro-DOCSIS, and is in tests at CableLabs for DOCSIS 1.1 certification, Terayon says.

The cablecos will use the modems and system to provide high-speed Internet access with TV offerings.