Host-based cable modems designed to shave prices to about $50 per unit made their first official appearance at CableLabs when the R&D house kicked off certification wave 20 on Oct. 18.

Intel Corp. and Coresma Inc. (formerly NetGame Ltd.) both submitted computer-controlled cable modems, or CCCMs, for DOCSIS 1.1, a spec that adds quality of service for advanced applications such as Voice-over-IP.

Though CCCM technology is in its relative early stages, Comcast Corp. has already announced plans to test Intel's implementation.

In addition to Intel and Coresma, 18 other cable modem and cable modem termination system vendors are vying to duplicate in wave 20 what Cadant Inc., Arris Group Inc., Toshiba American Consumer Products and Texas Instruments Inc. did in the previous one: come out of the test with a passing grade for DOCSIS 1.1.

More specifically, 3Com Corp., Ambit, Askey, Com21 Inc., Correlant, Ericsson Inc., Motorola Broadband Communications Sector, Samsung Electronics America Inc., Scientific-Atlanta Inc., Tellabs Inc., Terayon Communication Systems Inc., Thomson Consumer Electronics and Xrosstech submitted Ethernet/universal serial bus cable modems for DOCSIS 1.1 testing. Arris, Toshiba and Texas Instruments also submitted cable modem products for the current wave.

CableLabs will also test CMTS equipment for DOCSIS 1.1 from ADC Telecommunications, Motorola Broadband, Riverstone Networks Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Terayon and Arris, whose pizza box-sized "Cornerstone CMTS 1500" already has been qualified for DOCSIS 1.1.

While more and more vendors are submitting products for the more advanced spec with each new certification wave, CableLabs continues to test a large pool of equipment for DOCSIS 1.0. Ambit, HighSpeed Surfing, Linksys, 3Com, Cisco, D-Link, Motorola Broadband, Panasonic, S-A, Thomson and Toshiba submitted a variety of cable modem models, and Cisco and Pacific Broadband entered CMTS gear qualification.

CableLabs is expected to conclude certification wave 20 on Dec. 14, and release results on or around Dec. 21. Wave 21 is set to begin Jan. 21, 2002, according to CableLabs' most recent certification schedule.