Terayon Communications System Inc.'s team of cable troubleshooters is formed and ready to roll. The seven-member Network Solutions Group meets with cable execs to talk service problems; then heads back to Terayon's sales, engineering and other groups to drum up solutions.

Spokesman John Giddings says Terayon has developed a team of experts that's available to meet with executives to get an overview of a cable operator's business intent. Task force members then meet with the operator's CTO and engineering crew, with the idea of using the MSO's own systems in the solutions.

Terayon then works with its own sales and engineering units, plus other allied vendors, to see what the operator still needs to reach its goal.

The group isn't a profit center, Giddings says, although the group "has a better familiarity with our own products." The idea is not to provide custom problem-solving or systems, but to build the company's relationships with MSOs worldwide, he says.

Giddings says the program is free for customers, and MSOs are welcome to initiate contact with someone on the task force. The group's members are Terayon employees with expertise in specific areas. Operators' problems and questions are directed to the group member with the proper expertise.

Giddings says the group is working with an MSO now on a project but could not give details.

Headed by Terayon's chief scientist and senior VP Richard Prodan, also former CTO at CableLabs, the Network Solutions Group includes Majid Chelehmal, digital video technologies expert and former director of research at CableLabs; Warren Davis, with an extensive broadband background; Michael Foxworthy, network design aficionado and former chief architect for United Pan-Europe Communications and its worldwide broadband network; Serge Francois, data networking and network synchronization expert; Adrian Jones, cable data network topology pro and part of Terayon's S-CDMA cable data system team; and Edward Miller, VoC technologies pro and former director of CableLabs' PacketCable VoIP project.