Hoping to tap into small cable system markets and the multidwelling unit sector, ADC Telecommunications Inc. has unveiled the Cuda 1000, a pizza-box sized cable modem termination system that complements the company's carrier-class Cuda 12000.

Targeting cable systems with less than 20,000 homes, ADC's Cuda 1000 is designed to handle data traffic as well as "second line" IP voice services, said Mitch Auster, vice president of product management and marketing for ADC's IP cable division. ADC will make the equipment commercially available this November.

A prototype version of the Cuda 1000 is presently undergoing field trials, Auster said. "We have customers who are ready to buy it," he added.

ADC estimates that roughly 20 percent of cable networks in North America and about 2,000 cable systems in other areas of the world serve less than 20,000 homes.

The Cuda 1000 is designed for EuroDOCSIS and DOCSIS 1.1, a CableLabs specification that adds quality-of-service and other elements for advanced cable applications such as IP telephony. Auster said ADC will submit the equipment for EuroDOCSIS certification wave 6, but there are no firm plans as to whether the company will enter the box for DOCSIS certification wave 20, which kicks off on or around Oct. 22.

ADC said the box offers one downstream channel, either four or six upstream channels, and four 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports for multiple IP network connections.

Pricing of the Cuda 1000 starts at $26,000. In comparison, the Cuda 12000 typically starts at about $60,000 per unit, Auster said.

Auster said the Cuda 1000 was built as a result of direct feedback from customers and ADC's sales force. "It wasn't necessarily about footprint, but [customers] wanted something that costs less. The Cuda 1000 will provide revenue that we couldn't capture with just the Cuda 12000," he said.

ADC's Cuda 12000 is already qualified for DOCSIS 1.0, and CableLabs is currently testing the chassis for DOCSIS 1.1. ADC absorbed the Cuda 12000 via its purchase last year of Broadband Access Systems Inc.

The Cuda 1000 is also an answer to RiverDelta Networks Inc.'s (now Motorola Broadband Communication Sector's) BSR 1000, the smaller companion to its flagship product, the BSR 64000.