Wondering who's up for CableLabs' Certification Wave 19? The organization started its certification and qualification process yesterday, and will continue through Sept. 21, according to its schedule.

A CableLabs spokesman couldn't say if there were any new companies in this round. "You've go to realize, there are hundreds of companies from around the world that come into that process," says Mike Schwartz, although, he says, watching new companies emerge and submit products is "fascinating."

This round includes 43 modems, he says, which is "on the high side" compared with past waves. Thirty seek 1.0 certification, while 13 want 1.1 DOCSIS certification. On the CMTS side, nine seek 1.1 qualification and two companies want 1.0.

As for whether any company will actually emerge from the open-ended 1.1 testing with a product that passes, Schwartz refuses to speculate. "Who knows?" he says. "The product does the talking."

In the 1.1 Ethernet and USB cable modem products category, 3Com, Ambit, Askey, Ericsson, Motorola, Tellabs, Terayon and Toshiba submitted products.

Under 1.1 Ethernet cable modem products, Joohong, Texas Instruments and Toshiba applied.

Likewise, both Askey and Motorola are in the 1.0 PCI cable modem products category. Largest by far is the 1.0 Ethernet and USB cable modem group, with 20 entries, including Accton, Ambit, Catlenet, Cisco, Ericsson, High Speed Surfing, Motorola, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, Scientific-Atlanta, Tellabs, Terayon, Thomson, Toshiba and Zoom.

Both LG Innotek and Scientific-Atlanta entered under 1.0 Ethernet cable modem products, and Cisco and Motorola submitted products for the 1.0 CMTS category.