OpenTV just signed two deals over its ITV middleware, one each with Pace Micro Technology and ACTV Inc.

Pace will use OpenTV's broadband software on its cable home gateway. The two have combined their technologies since 1996, but under the new agreement, they'll jointly develop digital cable technology worldwide, they report.

The deal says OpenTV will supply its interactive EN2 TV middleware and Device Mosaic, a standards-based HTML browser for TV. Pace will port OpenTV's products onto its Di4000 cable home gateway.

EN2 allows two-way connectivity between network operators and set-top boxes, and Device Mosaic allows Internet on TV. It also lets system operators produce simple iTV applications in HTML for the Internet or an intranet-based "walled garden."

The Di4000 is designed to let cable operators supply such ITV services as VOD, high-speed Internet and VoIP.

OpenTV also says its middleware will be integrated with SpotOn, a targeted advertising product jointly marketed by OpenTV, ACTV and Motorola Inc. The trio will market through ACTV's Digital ADCO subsidiary, it says.

The deal also includes integrating OpenTV's middleware with ACTV's individualized programming technology and its system for synchronizing TV programming with online content, OpenTV reports.