RiverDelta Networks Inc. landed EuroDOCSIS qualification for its Broadband Services Router 64000.

The company says the CMTS/router is fully redundant and accommodates the fault detection and switchover required for high-availability and critical services over cable networks. Switching in the redundant elements takes milliseconds and is transparent to subscribers, it adds.

The qualification was based on tests by tComLabs in Ghent, Belgium. It also follows qualification from CableLabs' Certification Wave 16.

To get the European qualification, RiverDelta had to meet alternative physical layer specifications "to make better use of the cable plant in Europe," it says.

Artel launches multiplexer for video over DSL

Artel has released its CopperTV Multiplexer, a device intended to allow full-screen digital TV over copper lines.

The company says CopperTV is designed to transport MPEG digital TV services from satellite downlinks and video servers over existing ATM networks to DSL access multiplexers.

The "video aware network edge device" evolved from the company's VideoStorm technology and is a scalable MPEG switching engine. It sends compressed digital video over ATM-based WANs at up to 155 Mbps OC-3 speeds and then goes to the DSLAMS, Artel says. ATM multicasting (point to multipoint) can deliver the video to multiple DSLAM locations in a network from a centralized satellite downlink or video server facility. High-speed ADSL or VDSL then deliver video to the home from the DSLAMs.

It can accept DVB-ASI multiprogram and single-program transport stream content and can remultiplex selected programs into a single-program transport stream before they are distributed across an ATM to a DSLAM, Artel says.

Finally, they can handle VBR and CBR content for output as a constant bit rate stream over ATM to feed a DSLAM, allowing VOD services.