This tech stock's a whopping $100 a share. Don't even try to trade it or accumulate it, and don't count on any voting rights. And as to profits? Don't even go there.

Still intrigued?

What you will get with shares in Denver-based Cable Center's Third Millennium Fund is a per-share shot at helping to raise funds for the nonprofit's educational and research programs, and their documentation.

The Third Millennium fund is a grassroots appeal to employees and friends of the industry, said Beverly O'Brien, VP of Development. "We represent the entire industry."

The fund's goal is to raise $40 million to support center programs and initiatives, she added. A second goal: to raise awareness of the center's programs. A common misconception is that the center is a museum, which it isn't, she noted. There are onsite exhibits, however.

Donations will bestow founding shareholder status on you, which includes a share certificate with a personalized number, a limited-edition lapel pin, a subscription to The Cable Center's newsletter, an invitation to the annual shareholder's meeting and other events, a copy of the annual report, and a listing on the founding shareholder's honor roll. And a tax deduction.

The Cable Center has sold 1,000 shares already via donations from 75 corporations and individuals, who heard via a mailing in December, O'Brien said. Prices were kept to $100 to enable more donations from employees of operators and programmers.

The Cable Center's mission is to develop and promote educational, training and research programs addressing issues in the global cable and telecom industry.