Branching out to all corners of the globe, Motorola 's advanced set-top box, the Streamaster 5000, is being deployed to subscribers in Canberra, Australia and for VibeVision customers on Canada's eastern seaboard by TransACT and Aliant Telecom, respectively.

The Streamaster 5000 will deliver full-service broadband interactive television services through VDSL (very high digital subscriber lines).

"The Streamaster 5000 is the choice for delivering broadband services to the home, such as VOD, e-mail, Internet access and later this year, i-gaming," Bill Muscato, product marketing manager for Motorola, told CED.

The Streamaster 5000 targets telecommunication carriers and other network service providers who want to enhance revenues and fend off competition by delivering convergent voice, video and data services to customers via DSL technology.

In the U.S., Blockbuster and Enron Broadband are also using the Streamaster 5000 to provide access to the Blockbuster Entertainment on-demand service launching on Enron's broadband network in Seattle and Portland, Ore., and Salt Lake City. Tech trials have begun in New York City as well.

"The Streamaster 5000 is exciting because it's being chosen for high-quality basic services and enhanced services, like interactive TV and high-speed Internet connections. DSL providers now have the opportunity to deliver more than just Internet access; they can deliver digital TV and VOD," says Muscato. "The Streamaster 5000 is ideal for delivering basic and enhanced services. It offers service providers enhanced revenue opportunities, and it's backed by Motorola."

In other Motorola news, the company has partnered with Changhong Electric, China's largest color TV maker, to produce affordable digital TVs for the U.S. market. The TVs will use Motorola's MCT5100 M-DTV module.