Interactive TV guru WorldGate has created a new content-creation alliance and invited its first members to join. The new organization is humbly called the WorldGate Certified Developer's Program (CDP).

WorldGate, with 14 charter members, hopes this alliance will be able to put its collective head together and dish up really compelling iTV content for users through cable operators deploying the WorldGate service.

The 14 members are ARTiFACT, Beyond Z Interactive Media, Commerce.TV, CYLO, ExtendMedia, Filter Media, Flying Colors Interactive, Intellocity USA, MetaTV, Mixed Signals Technologies, (+)iTV, RANDOM/ORDER, Respond TV and Spiderdance.

"WorldGate has put together this crack team that knows how to develop great content for iTV," Gerard Kunkell, senior vice president, WorldGate, told CED. "It's our objective to create the best iTV content for ourselves and our partners, evangelizing quality content through our own content design organization as well as this new content design alliance."

Other content developers are invited to join WorldGate's content consortium, as long as they meet the company's standards for membership.

"Those include following the guidelines for content for TV. Most content was not designed with interactive TV in mind." said Kunkell.

WorldGate will not claim intellectual property rights to content brought to its customers via the CDP. Content could be created, for example, by ExtendMedia for one of their customers, then brought to WorldGate customers through the content consortium. The creative rights would still be with ExtendMedia.

"WorldGate is in a business partnership with cable operators. In the end, we're working with them to deliver interactivity to the home, and we're trying to seed the marketplace [with good content] and inviting these developers and others into the mix." said Kunkell.

Since the CDP announcement has been made, there are other companies who want to join, but Kunkell would not comment on who's calling.

"We're very excited about putting this together. We have an open platform and we are working hard to see that iTV gets a good launch in America," Kunkell said.