Motorola is having a milestone week. It has shipped its 10 millionth interactive digital cable set-top terminal; it shipped its one-millionth DOCSIS compliant cable modem; and Korea Thrunet, one of that country's broadband and Internet services providers, picked Motorola as its preferred provider for cable modems and cable modem termination system equipment.

It's enough to go to your head.

Dan Moloney, senior vice-president and general manager of the IP network systems business unit, told CED about Motorola's excitement over its accomplishments and its plans for the future.

"What you're seeing [from Motorola] now represents two of the three major legs in our strategy of voice, video and data. Motorola is ideally placed to provide all three legs of that 'triple play stool.' [The demand for these products] also represents the strength of our customers in driving digital cable TV into the market. Digital is going deeper than anyone anticipated, possibly 50 percent penetration in a couple of years." he said

"GI (General Instrument) and Motorola have continued its leadership in this data space. Others are talking about just under a million modems deployed in their total universe, and we're at that and beyond," Moloney said.

"The future is packetized voice and we expect to see scale commercial VOIP in the first half of 2001. Motorola is in about 10 different trials, and all are looking promising. That is probably the next milestone for us."

In unrelated news, Gartner Dataquest released a report showing that almost two million cable modems were shipped globally in 2Q 2000.