JCI and Lucent this week demoed the first collaborative video editing over a commercial optical network connecting post-production facilities in Beverly Hills, Calif., Toronto and New York City. The demo showcased file transport and collaborative creative development of a movie scene by editing pros at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, LaserPacific in L.A., Toybox in Toronto and Kaufman Astoria Studios in New York.

The demo is just part of a $35 million contract between JCI and Lucent to expand JCI's optical broadband network for the entertainment and post-production industry.

"The demo was narrated by Ken Topolsky, an independent producer in Hollywood," Dick Muldoon, a spokesperson for Lucent, told CED. " They [New York] played a film scene that is under development and it showed up on the screens in Toronto and at the Beverly Hilton. Then Toronto took the scene and edited it and played it back for the audience and all the locations in real time. That was impressive.

"Then it got fun. An audience volunteer was invited to edit the text title in real time - changed the color from yellow to French blue - and while it was happening, Toronto and New York could see it and comment on the editing as well.

"The possibilities of the network really became clear when an audience member requested to change the color of the car in the background from yellow to red." Muldoon continued.

In a keynote address by Mads Lillelund, vice-president of New Media for Lucent, Muldoon said Lillelund pointed out "the need for collaboration up and down the value chain so a supplier like Lucent can learn from a network supplier like JCI. When people are collaborating to create a new market segment, its really exciting," Muldoon quoted Lillelund as saying.

"It was fun, doing this in real time. It was pretty cool. The bottom line was it worked beyond anyone's expectations. The technology is here. It's ready." Muldoon said.

In other news, OptiStar EdgeSwitch was named the Grand Prize Winner of the Best of Show Award competition at this week's NetWorld+Interop 2000 show in Atlanta.