Tuesdays with Roger: Can Sprint’s turnaround learn from mobile in Japan?

Sprint Chairman Masayoshi Son now seems much more invested in his U.S. carrier’s turnaround. But he may have open a particularly nasty can of worms when he bashed U.S. mobile networks as compared with mobile in Japan. Recon Analytics’ Roger Entner says it’s apples to oranges. He went in-depth on the subject of how the U.S.

Tuesdays with Roger: The good, the bad, and the FCC’s Auction rules

The FCC has officially released a set of bidding procedures for next year’s 600 MHz broadcast incentive auctions. As Recon Analytics’ Roger Entner sees it, the good news is, we have rules. The bad news is, we have rules. Today we’ll run down the bidding procedures and find out who stands to benefit from the FCC’s newly established framework.

Tuesdays with Roger: T-Mobile can’t save RCS

T-Mobile recently announced that Rich Communications Services, an interoperable standard for messaging based on IMS, is coming to its smartphones and bringing some nifty new features with it. Problem is that most of those features have been available for some time already. As Recon Analytics’ Roger Entner sees it, despite the nice gesture from T-Mobile in making good on its promise to deliver the technology to subscribers, RCS’s big arrival is about 10 years too late.

Tuesdays with Roger: AT&T, Verizon play dueling mobile video strategies

AT&T and Verizon just wrapped up their second quarter and apart from some impressive customer additions and low churn, the reports are largely overshadowed by the pair’s dueling video strategies. AT&T’s marriage with DirecTV is almost official. Verizon’s OTT service plans are beginning to come into focus. Recon Analytics’ Roger Entner joins us today to discuss AT&T’s and Verizon’s roles in a changing wireless competitive landscape and how their video plays stack up against one another.

Tuesdays with Roger: Are DEs DOA Under New FCC Auction Rules?

Dish Network is still catching heat over the $3 billion in discounts its Designated Entity (DE) bidding partners netted during the AWS-3 auction.


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