Time Warner Cable Business Class is hooking up nearly 1,000 TVs with HD service at historic Lambeau Fields, which will give Green Bay Packers fans even more to cheer about.

Fans and players will view the HDTVs in suites, locker rooms and training areas of the stadium, all of which will give viewers even more opportunity to watch the defending Super Bowl champions from every angle during home games. (Quarterback Aaron Rogers fricasseed the Denver Broncos' defense for two TDs rushing and four through the air on Sunday.)

Time Warner Cable is building fiber directly into the stadium to deliver the content over a dedicated network that doesn't need set-top boxes for each TV.

While Time Warner Cable didn't provide any additional details about the network, it sounds similar to the IP-based HDTV service the company has launched with hotels in New York and New England.

In a stadium known for its inclement weather and storied NFL history, it's now the suite life for the Packer faithful. Fans in suites can simultaneously watch Packers replays and action across the NFL on 60 HD channels, all of which is part of Time Warner Cable Business Class' HD Video for Hospitality service.

"Time Warner Cable has a long history of supporting the nation's most beloved NFL team," said Kevin Roche, sales director for Time Warner Cable Business Class. "Our products and services have long enhanced the quality of the viewing experience for the Packers' dedicated home viewers. We are honored to bring that same quality and crispness directly to players and fans at Lambeau."

Time Warner Cable also provisions "fan cam" and "DVR replay" on the Lambeau Field big screen.