Patrick Knorr, Sunflower Broadband's former COO prior to that company's purchase by Knology earlier this year, is testing the cable industry waters as a consultant these days.

Knorr has founded Knorr Solutions, which is a strategic consulting company. Knorr was onboard at Sunflower when the Lawrence, Ka.-based cable operator broke new ground with its early adoption of DOCSIS 3.0, VOD advertising and whole-home DVR technologies.

"I had a great run at Sunflower, but this is just as fun," Knorr said from New York City earlier this week. "I'm hoping to leverage my experience from some of the projects that we did at Sunflower and stay involved in cable."

In addition to his consulting work, Knorr said he is exploring acquisition opportunities, as well.

Knorr said he is interested in looking at Netflix as a partner for smaller cable operators instead of a direct threat.

"Netflix is becoming a very interesting force," he said. "It could be a complementary partner with cable because you would have more movies than what some of these cable operators have on their premium services."

Knorr is a past president of the American Cable Association, and last year he testified before a House subcommittee in regard to media conglomerates taking advantage of small cable operators.