Time Warner Cable has enhanced its VoiceZone Connect app for PCs and Macs, giving its phone customers expanded remote access to their service.  

Customers can now click-to-call outside of the home, enabling them to use their calling plans (including international calling plans), away from home. The feature requires the customer to have access to an Internet connection and a phone line designated as a ‘My Location’ number.

In addition to the Home Phone number, customers can add up to five numbers for the click-to-call feature. Telephone numbers for remote locations can be listed for use in receiving incoming calls and placing outgoing calls while away from home.

When placing a click-to-call to any number in Recents, Contacts or Voicemail list, the system will call the number set in ‘My Location,’ connecting to the customer at the remote location, then completing the call to the desired number.

Subscribers can now get real-time notifications for new Voicemail messages with a special ringtone option. The Voicemail list now provides indicators for private, urgent, new, and heard messages. Subscribers can also re-mark messages as new. This all assumes they already have TWC Voicemail service.

Another new feature is the allowance for contact numbers to be up to 16 digits, useful for subscribers who make international calls. Subscribers can personalize contacts with pictures and ringtones. Import and export capabilities have been added, supporting Microsoft Outlook CSV and vCard 3.0 formats.

VoiceZone Connect is free for all residential Home Phone customers and is available for download through MyServices. “The VoiceZone Connect enhancements allow Time Warner Cable customers to have more flexibility and greater remote capabilities with their Home Phone service,” said Jeff Lindsay, Time Warner Cable’s group vice president and general manager for Phone. “These improvements provide a better user experience and enables customers to utilize Home Phone features outside of the home at their convenience.”