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Cable Wi-Fi – Enabling more than customer retention: July 21
With cable Wi-Fi's ability to keep subscribers continually connected within and between communities and to support the offloading and backhaul of mobile data traffic from overburdened 3G and 4G networks, cable Wi-Fi is a solution ready to economically serve cable operators today.

Offering virtual access points in high-traffic areas such as retail venues, university campuses, stadiums, convention centers and mass transit provides an opportunity to generate revenue by opening up your network, via multiple SSIDs, to alternative service providers that lack the ability to deploy their own Wi-Fi network in a given area. Sponsored by Motorola. Sign up online now!

Cashing in with connection-oriented Ethernet
While residential video and voice RGUs may be falling flat, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cable operators can jumpstart their business revenue streams with connection-oriented Ethernet. COE creates a networking technology that combines the flexibility and cost-efficiency of Ethernet with the reliability of connection-oriented protocols. Listen in to learn why COE can be a better choice than HFC or MPLS. Sponsored by Fujitsu. Watch it online now!


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