Passive Optical LAN – Latest Shift in LAN Technology
Passive optical network (PON) technology is proven. Motorola argues that PON is suitable not only for large distribution networks, but now also for local area networks, with extraordinary benefits in terms of both capex and opex. Cable operators, which tend to concentrate on the SMB market, can leverage PON to provide carrier-grade services for enterprise customers using PON. Sponsor: Motorola.


Refining Media Delivery Intelligent Caching Comes of Age
New solutions are emerging, purposebuilt to address business models and network constraints while also providing a path toward very high scalability. One of the more elegant and efficient solutions is Juniper Networks' Media Flow technology. An example near the end of this white paper shows potential cost savings from intelligent caching can easily exceed several million U.S. dollars. From Juniper Networks.

The Micro Packet ONP: Leveraging Today’s Optical Network for Next-Generation Ethernet Access
With the emergence of connection-oriented Ethernet (COE) networking, Ethernet now promises to deliver the reliability, performance and security of SONET/SDH, but with the networking efficiency inherent to Ethernet. From Fujitsu.


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