Aggregating Content for MVPDs
Join us on Sept. 23 for this Webinar, which will focus on managing MPEG-2/H.264 signals throughout your system. It’s sponsored by Sencore.

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Mobile Backhaul for the Masses
Join us on Oct. 7 for a Webinar on mobile backhaul – it’s not just for Tier 1s anymore. It’s sponsored by Fujitsu.

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Everybody Stay CALM!
Excessive loudness variation between channels and programs has been exacerbated by the digital transition. Congress might legislate a fix (the CALM Act). This Webinar covered the CALM Act, recommended practices to address the issue (ATSC A/85) and the types of technology required to handle loudness variation. It’s sponsored by Miranda.

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Customer Loyalty Rises or Falls at the Point of Every Purchase
Michelle Nowak, global head of strategy, solutions and marketing for cable, broadband and satellite at Convergys, writes about the importance of getting the sales process right from the get-go. Continue...

The True Value of a Safe Set of Hands
Stuart McGeechan, vice president and general manager of professional services at NDS, discusses using third parties for big tru2way-based development projects.

He writes: “As MSOs start to embrace the transition to tru2way end-to-end solutions, which in itself is opening up the market to third-party suppliers outside of the traditional duopoly, how important is it for MSOs to engage organizations that have the strength, depth and experience to rise to these challenges? In short, how much would you pay for a trusted, safe and proven set of hands?” Continue...


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