Stay CALM!
Please join us at 11 a.m. EST on Aug. 19 for this Webinar on preventing excessive loudness variation between channels and programs, which is a major source of customer complaints to cable, satellite and IPTV operators. The recent passing of the CALM Act in Congress is adding to the pressure to improve loudness control.

Fortunately, new facility monitoring and real-time audio processing technologies are allowing much more effective management of loudness. This Webinar will highlight the typical causes of excessive loudness and provide an update about the key implications of the CALM Act from the perspective of a leading cable operator.

It will also review advanced processes for monitoring loudness at headends, along with tools for correcting excessive loudness without adversely impacting the audio quality. Sign up for this free Webinar online!

QoE: What it Means to Subscribers and Service Providers
Quality of service (QoS) is all well and good, but in a competitive market, monitoring network conditions has to be backed up by monitoring what’s happening on your subscribers’ screens; that’s quality of experience (QoE). What do you monitor, how and where? Listen to the archived broadcast online!


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