I love this job.

Not just horsing around: RFD-TV just ponied up $266,000 to buy Trigger, Roy Rogers’ late stuffed horse, at an auction at Christie’s.

Rogers’ stuffed dog, Bullet, was also sold – for $35,000 – as was Dale Evans’ stuffed steed, Buttermilk – for $25,000.

Rogers rode Trigger in some of his movies and in his TV show. The Palomino became so popular it had its own comic book for a while (copies are available on eBay). Born in 1932, Trigger died in 1965. Rogers had the horse stuffed, and it was on display at the family museum, which closed last year.

RFD-TV’s plan is to place Trigger in its lobby.

Brian SantoMaybe that single bill thing should be opt-in? A woman in Toronto is suing Rogers Wireless for $600,000 for breaking up her marriage. Well, technically she’s suing for invasion of privacy and breach of contract. …

The woman had her own Rogers cellular account under her maiden name. A couple years ago, her husband opened a landline and Internet account. Because the two shared an address, Rogers helpfully consolidated the bills and mailed them addressed to the husband.

The husband noticed an unfamiliar number on the wife’s phone bill and called it. The fellow who answered confirmed that he’d had an affair with the wife. The husband divorced the wife.

The wife contends that Rogers’ actions amounted to a termination of her original contract, hence the breach of contract. Rogers insists the woman is responsible for her own personal life, according to the Toronto Star.

Zombie space satellites: I know! What a great name for a blog! Anyway, the owners of the Galaxy 15 satellite have lost contact with it, possibly because a solar flare damaged its memory. It has thus become what one news report insists is referred to in the biz as a “zombiesat.” The Galaxy 15, which carries – get this – the Syfy Channel (among others), has ventured out of its orbit and could end up eating the signals from other satellites, thus interrupting programming here on Earth. I love this job.