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YouTube: Stewart Schley conducted a half-dozen short-and-sweet interviews on the show floor at The Cable Show, talking tech with some great folks from ECI, Harmonic, Incognito, Jinni, SeaChange and the NCTA. Click here.


Broadband CPE reliability can save millions
In our February issue, we ran an article on controlling total cost of ownership on EMTAs by Bob Eng, senior director of Touchstone product management at Arris. The response to that included many requests for additional information. Eng has kindly provided us with elaboration on his original contributed article.

He writes: “Product reliability has a profound and measurable impact on the ongoing maintenance and operational cost of delivering broadband services. High-quality products with low failure rates translate into significant cost savings by reducing the number of truck rolls to replace failed devices. Integrated power supplies eliminate the costs associated with an additional point of failure, loss from churn and overhead of managing additional inventory for replacements.” ...More


Multi-Screen Service Management
Motorola addresses the challenges service providers face in figuring out how to manage and merchandise the "infinite" content necessary for providing video in IP-based networks. The discussion covers pain points experienced by service providers, services that will keep current subscribers and attract new ones, and how all of these issues relate to a multi-screen service management system. Panelists include Buddy Snow, senior director of global product marketing at Motorola, and Greg Ireland of IDC. Listen to the archived broadcast online!

Turn up your transport network. Turn up your revenue
Service providers need ways to meet capacity demand in the core that are easy to operate, fast and flexible. Alcatel-Lucent discusses its WDM solutions for transforming a transport network. Listen to the archived broadcast online!